The Legal Industry is too inaccessible.

Sometimes it is just better to start again.


World class solutions accessible to all businesses.


Assisting in-house  
resources to perform better,
faster and cheaper


Entirely fixed price
- around 15% of Big
Law cost


If our solutions are
not market leading we
will not offer them

Productivity solutions

A 24/7/365 globally accessible support platform for your legal team

Law firms have become an ineffective ally of businesses’ needing to meet growing legal support requirements with increasingly finite resources.

Law firms seek to access your external legal budget in return for ‘by the hour’ support. Their objective is to sell you hours, not to make you more efficient.

We believe that growing legal needs can only be met by businesses' making far better use of their existing internal resources (people, time, budget, tools).

GLS delivers Solutions allowing businesses' to leverage 'existing' in-house legal resources to greatly enhance their productivity and strategic contribution.

GLS makes ‘more with less’ possible. Customer productivity, efficiency, resource enablement, simplicity and accessibility are our KPIs - not the sale of time.

Our Solutions are relevant to all businesses (regardless of law, language and location) and seek to address a range of common legal support challenges.

All our Solutions are offered exclusively on a fixed priced basis that is entirely accessible to all businesses, whether big or small, 24/7/365.

The GLS Solutions Centre instantly puts your existing legal resources on a more productive and strategic footing, whilst delivering costs saving of 80% or more.

You can register your team now for free access to the GLS Solutions Centre by clicking the Register button above. 

Welcome to GLS Solutions.  Law Rewritten.