GLS 3rd Party Paper Checklist™

Review 3rd party contracts efficiently

The Problem

Reviewing third party contracts is time consuming and hard.

Related challenges include:

  • third party paper is not drafted with your group legal policy in mind
  • the quality of third party paper varies enormously
  • anything unfamiliar takes a longer time to review and negotiate
  • limiting comments to major issues takes discipline
  • it is harder to leverage junior resources on third party paper
  • your team is already stretched
  • the smaller your company is, the more third-party paper you face
  • your team still has to sign-off on third party paper

Wouldn’t it be good if everyone in your business knew what to look for and could do so efficiently?

The GLS Solution

GLS 3rd Party Paper Checklist™ delivers a comprehensive checklist of essential issues, making the rapid review of third-party paper a truly simple task.

No matter how expert your team is, GLS 3rd Party Paper Checklist™ will improve outcomes by ensuring a high-water mark review is carried out super-efficiently each and every time.

No single tool is more effective at guarding your business from errors of ignorance (mistakes due to not knowing enough), and errors of ineptitude (mistakes due to not using what you know). 

GLS 3rd Party Paper Checklist™ instantly helps your team achieve better, faster, cheaper and safer contracting.

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

Deliverable Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Big 6 Checklist
Procurement Companion
Calibrated to Group Legal Policy
User Training (2 hour session)
Contract Sentinel
GLS Update
$1990 $12,500 $19,850 $59,000

*COST (excl GST)   

Pricing Comparison

GLS gives you the ability to conduct a world-class legal risk review each and every time for just $1,990.

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $1,990 2h 20m 47s
Senior Associate $640 $1,990 3h 6m 56s
Blended $520 $1,990 3h 50m 1s
Associate $480 $1,990 4h 9m 15s
Junior Associate $400 $1,990 4h 58m 50s

For the price you pay for 2h 20m of a lawyer's time, you can save your team hundreds of man-hours every year.