GLS Clause Bank™

For super efficient contract assembly

The Problem

75% of the body of all contracts are the same, yet you do not use an approved clause bank.  

Related challenges include:

  • locating and/or amending simple clauses takes too much time
  • not having standard clauses limits your ability to delegate
  • hand-crafting standard legal building blocks makes no sense
  • anything hand-crafted requires additional review time
  • using clauses from old precedents can replicate previous mistakes 
  • Googling is not lawyering 

Wouldn’t it be good if you had a single source of business/legal/compliance approved clauses ready to go? 

The GLS Solution

GLS Clause Bank™ is the most essential productivity tool for any legal department looking to instantly boost their productivity.

GLS Clause Bank™ provides a bank of clauses to cover 75% of any agreement, that precisely reflect your legal and compliance requirements.

Utilising world-class pre-approved clauses allows your team to focus on more "custom" lawyering whilst delegating safely.

GLS Clause Bank™ makes achieving better, faster, cheaper and safer contracting a reality and is a vital pre-cursor for contract automation.

Drafting or editing any agreement? Copy, paste and you are good to go with GLS Clause Bank™. 

Problem solved. 

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

DELIVERABLES Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Clause Bank (Standard)
GLS Clause (Custom)
Positional (Industry/BAFO)
Language (Optional)
Local Law Option (Optional)
$5,800 $9,000 $12,000 $14,900

*COST (excl GST)