GLS Contract Approval Matrix™

A matrix of recorded contract approval authority

The Problem

It is not always clear who has the authority to sign a contract in your organisation.  

Related challenges include: 

  • potential non-compliance with delegations of authority may 
  • time delays in trying to get a contract signed off 
  • instant non-compliance with contractual obligations 
  • unintentional but unapproved contracting spend 
  • inability to build automated workflows due to missing data 
  • an inability to use blockchain validation of authorised signatories 

A single source of contract signing authority would help... 

The GLS Solution

GLS Contract Approval Matrix™ sets out clearly the personnel in the business required to sign off on contracts by reference to contract value and type of contract etc. 

Maintaining an accurate record of contract approval authorities is no longer a "good practice", it is an essentially practice for any business with a significant contracting function.  

Authority based data needs to be accurate as it is a vital/enabling feature of proper board authority delegation, legal & procurement compliance and the utilisation of many new legal tech tools.  

GLS Contract Approval Matrix™ allows your business to demarcate signing authority across your business in a clear and transparent manner and use these rules across your contract lifecycle tools. 

GLS Contract Approval Matrix™ demonstrates the importance and power of doing the simple things well if you want to consistently perform at the highest legal, procurement & compliance levels. 

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Pricing Comparison

For $499 at GLS you get the complete Document Solution you need . At a traditional firm you would just get 35min of time…

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 p/h $499 35min