GLS Contracting Function Efficiency Audit™

An audit tool to optimise your contracting support function

The Problem

Your contracting function requires optimisation.

Related challenges include:

  • you support a high-volume contract review requirement
  • you cover vital supply chain and new revenue contracting
  • new revenue can only booked post contract signing
  • your team is permanently operating beyond capacity
  • there is limited budget for external support and no time to instruct
  • your internal clients are sympathetic but no less demanding
  • you know legal technology could help but you are not sure how

 Understanding what an optimised contract function looks like and how you compare would help.

The GLS Solution

GLS Contracting Function Efficiency Audit™ helps you assess if you are deriving maximum ROI for all categories of legal resources deployed to your contracting support function.

The audit examines the resource allocations of your contract support function, as both currently and as ideally implemented, allowing for realistic and potent optimisation scenarios to emerge. 

This solution assesses your contracting function’s performance in light of a GLS defined model of a world class, performance optimised contracting support function, in order to provide you with:

  • a powerful reference model of what your fully optimised function would look like;
  • a detailed view of the critical resources that enable and drive workflow optimisation;
  • an assessment of the presence and/or current performance of your resources; and
  • clearly identified and logical intervention/optimisation scenarios to drive function productivity.

This emergent report allows you to derive a process transformation blueprint, that is self-authored and specific to your business, and efficiently target maximum productivity intervention scenarios.

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Pricing Comparison

What insights can a law firm help you derive for just $199?

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $199 13min