GLS Crisis Management Plan™

Your plan for effective crisis management responses

The Problem

You do not have a Crisis Management Plan. Your ability to respond professionally and effectively a crises/black swan event is anyone’s guess. 

Related challenges include: 

  • data breaches, server outages, weather emergencies and other crisis can be extremely costly 
  • you need an efficient and robust plan AND that plan needs to have active buy-in from management 
  • 75% of businesses hit by a major operational disaster fail within 3 years of the event 
  • your response to a crisis can impact how the public, your customers and your regulators view your business 
  • increased instances of major business disruption means ignoring the risk is not feasible 
  • not having a CMP may well mitigate certain portions of business interruption insurance 
  • the effectiveness of your crisis response correlates to the extent of pre-event preparation 

If you don’t have time to properly put in place a CMP for your business now, when will you? After the disruption event? 

The GLS Solution

GLS CMP™ unpacks the core principles of crisis management and provides a methodology for the design and implementation of effective crisis management responses where an organisation’s key assets are threatened. 

GLS CMP™ guides you through the methodologies you will need to formulate and implement a robust CMP within your organisation. 

For a detailed overview of the topics covered by GLS CMP™ please review our solution content index by clicking View Sample Solutions.

Problem solved.  

Solution Deliverables

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