GLS Data Incident Management Plan™

Your recovery from a data breach incident

The Problem

You know that corporate data breaches are becoming increasingly common. You do not have a plan for how your business would recover from such an incident.

Related challenges include:

  • you are using increasingly large sets of data to operate your business 
  • the risk of inadvertent data breaches continues to grow 
  • how you use personal data impacts the public “trust” profile of your business
  • you are not sure how to protect your company’s data from a breach
  • you have no framework for reporting and managing a data security incident
  • you want to protect your company from any financial liability that may arise due to a data security breach
  • you do not wish to cause your customers to lose trust in your company

Wouldnt it be great to be able to access a comprehensive Data Incident Response Plan and make it your own?

The GLS Solution

The GLS Data Incident Management Plan™ comprehensively describes a framework for reporting and managing Data Security Incidents that may affect your company.

The GLS Data Incident Management Plan™ will help you identify response teams and set out an escalation protocol matrix and is a vital tool that can be used to defend against any data breaches.

The result is a single source document that will ensure that your company can contain, assess and respond to data breaches in a timely fashion and mitigate the potential harm to your stakeholders.

The Data Incident Management Plan™ includes:

  • What is a Data Security Incident? Defining what a Data Security Incident is specific to your organisation.
  • Identifying how a Data Security Incident can occur.
  • Classifying Data Security Incidents depending on their Risk Factors.
  • Defining a Risk Index matrix. 
  • Establishing a Response Team – A hierarchy of persons responsible for detecting and analysing data security incidents.
  • Defining a 4-step escalation pathway to a Data Security Incident – Detection, Containment, Notification and Post-Incident Activity.  

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables