GLS Data Migration™

Digitising legal department data

The Problem

Your new CMS will only be as good as the quality of data you feed it.  

Related challenges include: 

  • A complete index of all contracts for migration doesn't yet exist ​
  • What data does your CMS need and how will you get it?
  • CMS metadata must be 'mined" from its contractual context
  • Is data extraction an IT or legal task? 
  • Your organisation has thousands of legacy contract documents  
  • Some contracts have 15 or more attachments
  • Your legacy data is disbursed across multiple sources​/formats
  • The location of all of your “live” contracts is not actually clear 
  • The location of final version contracts might not be clear 

Low quality data may render your new CMS an expensive Dropbox.  

If only someone could guide you through this vital data migration task!  

The GLS Solution

The GLS Data Migration™  helps you efficiently migrate your legacy contract data into your new CMS, that promises enhanced productivity. 

GLS Data Migration™ utilises a 7 stage planning methodology:  

  • Phase 1 - Pre-Migration Scoping/Planning 
  • Phase 2 – Project Initiation 
  • Phase 3 – Landscape Analysis 
  • Phase 4 – Solution Design 
  • Phase 5 – Build & Test 
  • Phase 6 – Execute & Validate 
  • Phase 7 – Decommission & Monitor 

GLS Data Migration™ leverages detailed insights on how legal department legacy data is typically stored together with the enabling requirements of leading contract management systems. 

Each migration plan is customised for the end contract management system that will be deployed whether its ARIBA, BRAVO, SAP or any other contract management system.  

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

SLA Pricing Description
Phase 1 – Pre-Migration Scoping/Planning $1,500 Following this phase GLS will submit a “no-obligation” fixed price plan and timeline proposal for Phases 2 – 7.

*COST (excl GST)