GLS Data Protection Training™

Data protection fundamentals for your workplace

The Problem

Your work force needs to understand the importance of data protection compliance.

Related challenges include:

  • paper based policies alone do not deliver compliance
  • effective compliance is driven by effective behaviour
  • a compliance culture cannot be delivered by “email”
  • your employees don’t see their role in the organisation’s compliance obligations
  • active workplace training is what regulators expect
  • your legal team doesn’t have capacity to design or deliver workplace training
  • generating entertaining compliance training is a struggle

Wouldn’t it be great to deliver training that mobilises your workforce to share this compliance obligation?

The GLS Solution

GLS Data Protection Training™ is a highly interactive and entertaining data protection training module specifically designed to inform your workplace of your data protection responsibilities.

This module covers all of the major compliance obligations, but in a way that makes its relevance known to the workplace and engenders a sense of ownership around compliant practices.

To drive memory retention – the session is engineered to be both interactive and entertaining by “personalising” what data protection compliance means for the individual.

Calibrated around GDPR level principles, the module is suitable for any workplace covered by any data protection regime, as it is designed around practical and common-sense behaviours.

The session will share “war stories” of companies who have suffered as a result of data protection breaches, as well as emphasise how companies can benefit from strong data protection measures.

Data protection is a hugely important issue for everyone – this solution shows how matters that are in the individual’s interests are also in the company’s interests.

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables