GLS Delegation of Authority Manual™

Create a comprehensive, authoritative and efficient delegation of authority manual

The Problem

There is no single, approved, centralised, accurate, up-to-date and authoritative guide setting out the escalation pathway, approval limits and signing authorities in your business.

Related Problems:

  • a business operating without delegated authority is not a compliant business
  • a business operating without authority puts itself and those in it at risk
  • there is personal liability attaching to directors and officers acting without proper authority
  • your suppliers and customers want to know your business is authorised to do business
  • without a delegation of authority manual, you cannot easily confirm authority to act
  • most commercial arrangements include promises that your business is acting with authority
  • there is civil and criminal liability that attaches to acting without proper delegated authority
  • you risk invalidating commercial agreements if there was no authority to act / execute

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an authoritative “single source of the truth” for delegated authorities in your organisation?

The GLS Solution

GLS Delegation of Authority Manual™ will help you to identify, map and record a compliant delegation of authority framework for your business to conduct its business operations in a manner consistent with that delegated by the shareholders / board.

Using proprietary GLS methodology and templates, GLS will provide a facilitated and moderated consultation to enable you to identify the relevant and appropriate approval limits, escalation pathways and associated signing authority / authorities. 

This solution will deliver you a plain English, ‘single source of the truth’, accurate, centralised, up-to-date and authoritative manual for your business.

This offers your shareholders, board of directors and key business stakeholders a simple and clear tool that enables compliant business operations.

Demonstrating and enabling an authorised business to operate within its approved authority limits has never been easier.

Problem Solved.

Solution Deliverables