Directors Duties Training Manual



A training resource to ensure that Directors are operating at a global, best practice standard

The Problem

You need to ensure that your directors know what they are doing and what legal obligations they are under.... 

Related challenges include: 

  • there is no budget for training 
  • you need a reference tool that the directors can refer to whenever they have questions
  • your directors are good but they don't know what they don't know
  • you are a Start-Up/SME and only have limited budget for external support   

Cancel those plans as another unnecessary night of cobbling something together lies ahead. Hopefully it will do… 

The GLS Solution

GLS Directors Duties Training Manual™ is a comprehensive, easy to read, easy to understand guide to what is required of a director.

GLS Directors Duties Training Manual™ sets out what constitutes a global "best practice" standard.  

GLS Directors Duties Training Manual™ is designed by world-class lawyers to be comprehensive, but equally importantly, so easy to read and understand that directors will actually read it... 

GLS Directors Duties Training Manual™ covers issues such as: board meetings, data protection, standards of behaviour, compliance, conflicts of interest, personal liabilities,  checklists and tools etc

This GLS solution is more than just a template and includes access to your managed in-house legal support resource to raise any queries you might have in relation to the template. 

See our “Solution Sample” for a detailed sample of what is delivered and for user guidance! 

Better, faster, safer, cheaper! 

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Solution Deliverables

Pricing Comparison

For $999 at GLS you get the comprehensive training tool and reference manual suitable for you Directors + answers to all of your questions. At a traditional firm you would just get 55min of timeā€¦

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $799 55min