GLS First Cut™

A robust project specific first draft

The Problem

You have received zero notice yet again. You need a first draft for your new project fast. 

Related challenges include:

  • you know a quality first draft is crucial to deal efficiency 
  • you know a poor draft is difficult to negotiate away from and prolongs negotiations
  • you know your precedents may not offer an appropriate starting point
  • it is the first time you have done this type of deal
  • the capacity of you and your team is permanently stretched
  • there is limited budget for external support and no time to instruct

Cancel those plans as another unnecessary night of cobbling something together lies ahead. Hopefully it will do!

The GLS Solution

With GLS First Cut™ we can help you solve the problem of producing a high-quality, project-specific and robust first draft on short notice for a wide range of commercial transaction scenarios. 

Our proprietary “deal shaping” methodology allows us to quickly identify your project specifics. We "measure three times and cut once", so that the right “First Cut” contract is delivered allowing you to "start out how you want to finish up".

At a fraction of the cost of Big Law, GLS First Cut™ removes time and cost as barriers to you getting the right first draft out each time, no matter the time pressure.

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

SLA Tier A Tier B Tier C
Bronze 5d $99 $249 $599
Silver 3d $149 $399 $999
Gold 2d $199 $499 $1,599
Platinum 12h $249 $699 $2,499

*COST (excl GST)   

Pricing Comparison

Big Law sells time; GLS provides Solutions. However, if you needed to understand what the cost of our Solutions gets you at Big Law, the table below compares our Bronze (Tier A) level solution against Big Law’s hourly rates.

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $99 0h 7m 38s
Senior Associate $640 $99 0h 9m 28s
Blended $520 $99 0h 11m 42s
Associate $480 $99 0h 12m 38s
Junior Associate $400 $99 0h 15m 25s

What could any of these lawyers produce for you in 7 to 15 minutes?