GLS Group Legal Policies™

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The Problem

Not having a clearly defined group legal policies cultivates inefficiency.  

Related challenges include: 

  • optimally efficient tasking of finite legal resources is difficult 
  • policies may actually exist but are not known organisation wide
  • justification of legal budget remains difficult
  • team KPIs cannot be readily defined 
  • external provider engagement remains inefficient 
  • new team hires enter an unclear operating construct
  • intrateam task delegation occurs inefficiently
  • memory based policy regimes are diluted when people depart   
  • organisation wide, policy based efficiencies are denied

Still, defining a comprehensive legal policy takes time you don't have...

The GLS Solution

Each GLS Group Legal Policies™ module helps you efficiently articulate a world class, group legal policy for your business.

GLS Group Legal Policy™ is modularised, so that you can prioritise your spending when you help define a business specific, high performance legal policy for:

  • Module 1 - Third Party Dealings  
  • Module 2 - Market Risk Mitigation
  • Module 3 - Corporate Governance 
  • Module 4 - Internal - Operational Risks 
  • Module 5 - Tax Risk Mitigation
  • Module 6 - Intellectual Property Management  
  • Module 7 - Regulatory / Compliance Risk  
  • Module 8 - Insurance Risk Mitigation
  • Module 9 - Claims Management Efficiency
  • Module 10 - Systems and Data Management 

The GLS Group Legal Policies™ provides the essential policy context for maximum legal resource efficiency. 

For a sample unpack of what is covered in each chapter, please see "View Sample Solution".  

Problem solved. 

Solution Deliverables

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