GLS Highlights™

A 2 page summary of key contract terms

The Problem

No one has a clear view/snapshot of what your contract means.

Related challenges include:

  • you receive a regular flow of questions on contractual meaning/issues
  • the team that negotiated the deal has moved on along with their deal knowledge
  • wading through large contracts to extract key features is hugely time intensive
  • the Board/Risk/Audit Committees want a clear contract summary
  • the contract has hit turbulence – a briefing is needed urgently
  • the capacity of you and your team is permanently stretched
  • there is limited budget for external support and no time to instruct

Who can be relied upon to produce a clear contract position paper quickly and accurately? Right, time to cancel your plans!

The GLS Solution

GLS Highlights™ provides a distilled summary of the key features of any contract, long or short, simple or complex.  Critically, GLS Highlights™ provides an independent and impartial view of what your contract “actually” says.  

At a fraction of the cost of Big Law, GLS Highlights™ removes time and cost as barriers to you accessing a frank, accurate and timely understanding of what any contract means for your business.  

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

SLA Short
(Pages <10)
( 10< Pages <30)
(30< Pages <50)
Bronze 5d $199 $499 $999
Silver 3d $299 $699 $1,199
Gold 2d $399 $799 $1,399
Platinum 12h $499 $999 $1,999

*COST (excl VAT)   

Pricing Comparison

Big Law sells time; GLS provides Solutions. However, if you needed to understand what the cost of our fixed-price Solutions gets you at Big Law, the table below compares GLS Highlights™ Bronze (Short) against Big Law’s hourly rate.

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $199 0h 14m 3s
Senior Associate $640 $199 0h 19m 6s
Blended $520 $199 0h 23m 36s
Associate $480 $199 0h 25m 27s
Junior Associate $400 $199 0h 30m 25s

Could any of Big Law's lawyers really solve this problem in 1 to 30 minutes of their time? Not unless they were working for GLS.