GLS Internal Client Management Training™

Training in effective internal stakeholder management

The Problem

Your team needs to be able to better manage and engaged with your internal clients.

Related challenges include: 

  • internal clients can be hard to deal with – especially for junior team members
  • what’s being asked -v- what’s required -v- what client expects needs to align
  • reconciling incomplete / incorrect instructions
  • managing client expectations and changes in deadlines / deliverables
  • knowing when and how to pull clients back from the edge
  • delivering difficult messages – how to say “no” or “is there another way?”
  • resolving internal client / stakeholder conflict scenarios
  • legal teams can be overlooked for skills-based-training (lawyers are assumed to know it all)

Wouldn’t it be great if the team could be trained to better handle the internal client? 

The GLS Solution

GLS Internal Client Management Training™ training is delivered by senior / executive-level former in-house lawyers to provide your in-house team with skills to optimise their internal client relationships. 

Each of our informative and interactive training modules is designed to engage and develop your in-house team to achieve a better performance output in achieving their objectives.

Each 90-minute training module comprises:

  • An interactive and engaging presentation
  • Accompanying slides
  • Case studies
  • Working sessions
  • Q&A
  • Recordable (subject to small additional charge)

Clients deploying GLS Internal Client Management Training™ report improved workplace dynamics between the in-house team and the business with improved morale and co-operation.

This solution teaches The Alignment Principle (TAP)™ - which delivers the skills and methods used to reconcile what’s being asked -v- what’s required -v- what client expects.

GLS Internal Client Management Training™ also teaches your team in how to avoid or resolve client conflict scenarios and techniques that allow you to extract qualitative instructions in an efficient manner.

This solution also teaches soft skills about how to exercise diplomacy when managing internal stakeholders and knowing when and how to appropriately escalate matters internally.

Problem Solved.

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

DELIVERABLES Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Attendee No. 5 6-10 10-15 Unlimited
Recorded Session + Licence to Use
US$1,500 US$2,000 US$2,500 US$5,000

*COST (excl GST)