GLS IP Asset Register™

Strategic inventory tool to manage your IPR

The Problem

You do not have a consolidated record of all of your intellectual property assets.

Related challenges include:

  • IP can represent significant value in most businesses
  • You cannot protect and manage unknown IP assets
  • You are not monetising the full value of your IP portfolio
  • You risk infringing 3rd party intellectual property rights
  • You risk breaching existing IPR licence terms
  • Key / business critical IP needs to sit on your balance sheet
  • Intra-group IP agreements require you to identify your IP
  • You risk losing valuable IP rights via abandonment

Complex scenarios demand simple solutions – it is time to understand the IP you have.

The GLS Solution

GLS IP Asset Register™ provides you with a tool to effectively audit, manage, protect and monetise your business’s IP assets.

Designed to intuitively break down the universe of IP a company may hold, the tool lends itself to ready recognition and categorisation of your valuable IP, allowing you to protect and monetise it.

Our GLS IP Asset Register™ enables you to:

  • actively manage their intellectual property portfolio;
  • proactively police and protect their intellectual property rights;
  • better understand the risks of important IP-heavy contractual terms; and
  • make informed decisions over IP management, protection and commercialisation.

The world of IP management is not always simple, but it can only be effectively managed if you know what IP you have – and that requires an intuitive IP Asset Register.

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables