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Legal team technology choice

The Problem

What legal technology solution is right for you? 

Related challenges include: 

  • your team is looking at technology to help boost productivity
  • no one in the legal team understands IT and for sure no one in the IT team understands legal 
  • core systems impacting legal (e.g CMS, SAP, etc.) are mostly procured by other business units 
  • understanding whether you can really automate your existing contracts 
  • knowing what you can and cannot really move to the cloud 
  • not performing due diligence can lead to continuing solution-related difficulties 
  • how can your legal technology interact with your existing IT ecosystem 
  • the need for better knowledge management solutions 
  • you need better remote working and online collaboration solutions 
  • starting with a basic document management solution would be a breakthrough 
  • lack of understanding with your IT solutions is undermining group legal/compliance standards

Wouldn’t it be good if someone could direct you to the tech solutions that you need? 

The GLS Solution

GLS Legal Technology Consulting™ brings the legal imperative to the fore when it comes to considering process/productivity enabling IT technology for your legal team. 

The legal industry is seeing a shift from localised servers and office-based technology to offices with lean technology and accessing capabilities that in the past only large firms could obtain.  

The extent to which technology can boost legal team productivity outcomes is immense, provided it is harnessed correctly, proportionally and economically.  

GLS Legal Technology Consulting™ advocates technology selection based around compatibility between two key imperatives – the legal user requirement and the overall business IT ecosystem. 

One of the major failings of the IT enablement of legal resources is that solutions have consistently imposed an IT engineer's view of what legal teams need on legal users.  

GLS Legal Technology Consulting™ can assist in ensuring that the true needs of your legal team are represented and met as you seek to embrace technology-based productivity solutions. 

GLS Legal Technology Consulting™ helps you see through "marketing hype" and get the technology solution that is right for you, rather than the one that is just right for the the salesperson. 

Technology enablement does not end with technology selection – it ends when the changes are complete, users are trained and the promised user productivity KPIs have been achieved.

Problem solved.  

Solution Deliverables

Your Project Requirements

Please get in touch so that we can understand what you are trying to acheive with your legal technology strategy. 

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