GLS Playbook™

Making every negotiation your best

The Problem

Contracts can take a long time to close if only a few people know how to negotiate them.  

Related challenges include: 

  • the inability to support contract negotiations tends to yield sub-optimal outcomes 
  • your legal/procurement teams have finite resources  
  • not all contract negotiators are equal in skill and experience 
  • inadequate contracting support can expose your organisation to legal, commercial and operational risks 
  • smaller organisations do not have expert legal and/or procurement resources 
  • larger counterparties often bully your business team into submission 
  • your legal team’s limited resources are stretched to its breaking point  

Wouldn’t it be good if your best contract negotiator could support every deal that you negotiate?  

The GLS Solution

GLS Playbook™ is a game changing contracting support tool that instantly equips your contract negotiators (regardless of their level of experience) with a world class knowledge of:

  • how each key clause works 
  • how to negotiate each element of each clause 
  • the negotiation strategy that your business wants to follow 
  • the arguments likely to be raised by the counterparty 
  • how to respond to known counterparty issues 
  • where accepted industry risk lies in relation to each clause 
  • which provisions can change – and to what extent before approval is required 
  • how to escalate any issues you encounter and to whom 
  • specific issue sensitivities that exist in your business 
  • how to deal with common annoying counterparty objections 

GLS Playbook™ instantly leverages up the contract support capabilities of a much larger team of people within your business, extending well beyond the borders of legal and procurement.   

GLS Playbook™ enhances the performance capabilities of your contract negotiations by providing the guidance that makes for better, faster, safer and cheaper contracting outcomes. 

GLS Playbook™ ensures that every part of your business is negotiating contracts in the same way to achieve a uniform legal risk profile over all contracts that are concluded. 

GLS Playbook™ places literally centuries of collective wisdom from professional legal and procurement professionals and makes it instantly available to anyone supporting your contract negotiations.  

For both big and small businesses alike, GLS Playbook™ helps you to conclude contract negotiations efficiently and in a fuss-free manner whilst reducing/if not eliminating your dependence on legal. 

With GLS Playbook™, there are no more weak links on your negotiating team and every negotiation becomes your best one yet.  

Problem solved. 

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

DELIVERABLES (Our Templates) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
GLS Essentials
(Big 6 Legal)
GLS Standard
(10 plus 2)
Hotline Support
$7,900 $10,000 $17,000 $25,000

*COST (excl GST)   

DELIVERABLES (Your Templates) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
GLS Essentials
(Big 6 Legal)
GLS Standard
(10 plus 2)
Hotline Support
$10,000 $13,000 $19,000 $29,000

*COST (excl GST)