GLS Practice Support™

Assisting your law firm to thrive in a competitive environment

The Problem

How will your firm remain profitable in the face of increasing competition? 

Related challenges include:

  • Protecting / preserving your existing client relationships
  • Offering services to an increasingly “internet informed” marketplace
  • Responding to greater fee pressure – reduced rates / fixed fees etc.
  • Achieving maximum return from the time available in your fixed working week
  • Attracting and retaining quality lawyers and clients on a small platform
  • Absorbing ever increasing practice overheads
  • Competing without scale and / or specialist capability
  • You've lost sight of the enjoyment of being a “trusted advisor”

Addressing these challenges has required firms to incur significant time and speculative CAPEX/ OPEX expenditure, without any guarantees of a return on investment. However, standing still is an even greater risk. 

Standing still is not an option. You must answer the call from businesses for more accessible services.

The GLS Solution

GLS Practice Support™ provides small to medium sized law firms 24/7/365 online access to world class solutions that “level the playing field” and allow you to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

GLS Practice Support™ allows your firm to rapidly scale its capacity and capabilities (skills, bench, coverage) in response to new revenue opportunities - effectively broadening your addressable market.

Additionally, GLS Practice Support™ offers you a range of tools that can help drive your matter profitability, whether for time-spent or fixed-fee based engagements.

GLS Practice Support™ provides on-demand access to the resources and capabilities typically only found at world-class global law firms - and for a fraction of the cost. Being small can now be a strategic advantage. 

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Your Project Requirements

GLS provides you with instant access to our GLS Solutions Centre where most of our GLS Practice Support Solutions are available to you at less than 20% of the cost that leading firms would charge their clients.

Please contact us to make an appointment to discuss how you can leverage our Solutions to create a more competitive and profitable future for your firm.