GLS SMART Schedule - Acceptance Testing™

Making the production of better Schedules more efficient

The Problem

Procurement contracts regularly include schedules which are unclear and poorly drafted – especially in more complex procurement scenarios.  

A lack of clarity frequently results in dispute scenarios arising.

Related challenges include:

  • legal teams spend too long reviewing poorly prepared schedules
  • schedules are usually compiled last minute and by multiple authors
  • important commercial terms are missing and/or lack precision
  • schedules are often cut and pasted meaning poor schedules are replicated
  • you do not have consistent and/or structured schedule templates
  • technical & operational teams lack experience in “plain English” drafting
  • your business does not have an approved common start point to schedule production

 You need a tool that helps your team create complete, clear & comprehensive schedules every time.

The GLS Solution

GLS SMART Schedule - Acceptance™ is a GLS Smart Schedule™ for you to arrive at the most appropriate acceptance mechanism for your contract.

Recognising that most contractual disputes arise from lack of “clarity” over what is to be delivered or performed, GLS Smart Schedules™ helps your team produce simple, clear & complete schedules.

GLS Smart Schedules™ enables your commercial team to produce higher quality schedules thereby supporting a more efficient (time and cost) & qualitative document assembly process.

GLS Smart Schedules™ leverages emergent best practices around form, content and structure of common schedules to procurement contracts and guides the user how to efficiently produce them.

Each GLS Smart Schedule™ contains a range of SMART features designed to aid information assembly and clarity of meaning – which in turns boosts the likelihood of successful performance.

The emergent result is that critical contractual schedules can be produced better, faster, cheaper and drive a safer contracting experience.

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Problem Solved.

Solution Deliverables

Pricing Comparison

For $499 at GLS you get to complete your agreement qualitatively and efficiently. At a traditional firm you would just get 35min of time…

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $499 35min