IP Library™


The Problem

You are a great lawyer, but are forced to spend too much time producing draft agreements 

Related challenges include:   

  • IP is a key asset of your business, that you need to protect and monetise 
  • the business complains that you are a bottle neck to deals as first drafts are slow to emerge 
  • you don’t have a precedent library… or the one you have is poorly maintained 
  • getting drafts from external counsel is expensive and time consuming 
  • basic drafting is taking you away from providing strategic advice to your business 
  • cut’n’paste documents frequently end up being technically “unstable”  
  • cut’n’paste documents end up looking like a quilt of badly compiled clauses from different sources  
  • re-using the “last similar” deal document doesn’t allow for a bespoke deal fit 
  • internal users have now started using their own “document libraries”, further complicating your job 
  • online precedent services aren’t backed by law firms and often have low quality documents 

You have dreamed of your own contract automation tool that instantly produces deal specific world-class documents … but there is no budget for that.

The GLS Solution

GLS Legal Docs™ delivers access to an online, curated and automated library of 70+ world class legal documents that address the most common day-to-day needs of an in-house team. 

IP Precedent Pack is a suite of fully automated agreements that cover the key IP issues and opportunities faced by your business. 

IP Precedent Pack comes with access to a lawyer to help drive your deal forward and/or answer any queries you might have. 

IP Precedent Pack enables you to: 

  • massively reduce the time spent preparing first drafts of your agreements 
  • produce “deal specific” documentation – this is not just access to a static template 
  • leverage deal momentum by swiftly releasing a quality first draft 
  • generate documents 24/7/365  
  • ensure that you have not overlooked any key issues 
  • reduce/eliminate “human sloppiness” – typos, formatting, etc 

IP Precedent Pack offers you: 

  • unlimited usage of each template, providing you infinite scalability without cost 
  • access to a suite of documents that are permanently maintained and improving 
  • 24/7/365 access to the lawyers that drafted the agreements  
  • a pool of support capacity to help you move your deal forward and maintain deal momentum 

IP Precedent Pack is like having a massive legal service provider using incredible technology as part of your team 24/7/365 … but without the cost. 

Problem Solved.  

Solution Deliverables


Legal Docs in Your Library

Pricing Comparison

For $550 at GLS you get ongoing access to a comprehensive suite of automated, world class legal documents + a team of lawyers to answer all of your questions. At a traditional firm you would just get 38min of time…

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $550 38min