GLS Tender Pack™

A suite of model documents for your next RFP

The Problem

Suppliers keep dictating their terms and conditions. You keep accepting. 

Related challenges include:

  • you know you need better supplier consultation, pricing and terms
  • your procurement function is stuck in a “reactive only” gear
  • you do not think you are big enough for formal procurement practices
  • you do not have much/any capacity and your team is permanently stretched
  • your current practices are costing you time, money and commercial advantage

What happened to making the customer feel valued? Apparently just not for your business.

The GLS Solution

GLS Tender Pack™ delivers a comprehensive turnkey RFP tender solution for launching a complete, qualitative and efficient RFP. 

Designed for the majority of standard procurement scenarios, GLS Tender Pack™ is a documentary solution providing practical guidance, strategy and support for all the phases of an RFP process. 

At a fraction of the cost of Big Law, GLS Tender Pack™ removes time and cost as barriers to you accessing best practice RFP based procurement infrastructure and methodology.

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

Module Bronze Silver Gold
Documentation Solution
Customisation Guides
Cost Management
Strategy Guidance
Planning Support
$399 $699 $999

*COST (excl VAT)   

Pricing Comparison

Big Law sells time; GLS provides solutions. However, if you needed to understand what the cost of our solutions gets you at Big Law, the table below compares our Bronze level solution to Big Law's hourly rates.

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $399 0h 28m 16s
Senior Associate $640 $399 0h 37m 40s
Blended $520 $399 0h 46m 03s
Associate $480 $399 0h 50m 27s
Junior Associate $400 $399 0h 59m 0s

Could any of these lawyers really deliver you a complete RFP solution in 28 to 59 minutes?