GLS Total Legal Support™

Access all the resources of a world class in-house team

The Problem

You would like your team to have the resources of a world class legal team.  

Related challenges include:

  • you have limited resources to support your team’s growing needs
  • your team regularly operates beyond its capacity
  • business as usual “grind” limits your focus on more “strategic” matters
  • you know your team must become more productive
  • you know legal tech might help – but which ones and how?
  • approved legal budgets don’t cover all that you need
  • you want tools & solutions that benefit all team members
  • sourcing any kind of support takes time in your business
  • multi-sourced solutions don’t always integrate seamlessly
  • you would like to aggregate your resource spend
  • you know your team has a transformation journey ahead

If only there was a single resource platform providing access to the widest range of in-house tools & solutions at disruptive price points.

The GLS Solution

GLS Total Legal Support™ allows your team to access the GLS Legal Resource Centre i.e. the widest range of dedicated tools & solutions available on the internet, at disruptive price points.

Through a single account your team can access and utilise the most advanced productivity tools & solutions available to in-house teams, and yet only pay for what you consume.

GLS Total Legal Support™ is arranged to mirror how in-house teams typically work and lets you plan and resource the transformation of your in-house legal team.

GLS Total Legal Support™ helps define your transformation needs and qualify your tools & solutions choices to not only extend your budget’s purchasing powers but your budget itself.

Many problems solved. 

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Your Resources US$10,000 US$25,000 US$50,000 US$100,000
GLS Budget Extender 5% 7.5% 10% 15%

*COST (excl GST)