GLS Total Start Up Support (Silver)™

Perfect for quickly growing SMEs/Start-Ups


Legal support for SMEs/Start-Ups that are operational and want to increase the efficiency and professionalism of their operations.

The Problem

Few SMEs/Start-Ups can afford all of the legal support they need… 

Related challenges include:   

  • your IP, great ideas and innovations may not be protected 
  • you tend to get bullied by larger corporations when contracting 
  • you don’t know if your standard form contracts work 
  • asserting your rights may seem too expensive to bother 
  • cash flow is critical so late payment and unrecovered debts hit hard  
  • employee disputes can seriously impact the morale of your business 
  • you can no longer use customer data however you wish 
  • keeping up with new business regulation is a big struggle 
  • your corporate governance affairs remain messy 
  • “law issues” are often just big cost centres, rather than business enabling tools 

What if you had your very own legal director and legal support resources to rival a major MNC ... but without the cost?

The GLS Solution

Silver Level: Perfect for any SMEs/Start-Ups that want to improve operational efficiencies, have some staff, are seeking to monetise their IP and/or are preparing to get external investors. 

GLS Total Start Up Support™ is a comprehensive support solution for SME’s that understand the value of an in-house legal team but don’t have the budget traditionally required for one. 

GLS Total Start Up Support™ provides libraries of world-class precedents + continuous access to world class lawyers. 

GLS Total Start Up Support™ addresses your day-to-day legal challenges AND delivers powerful personalised legal support. 

For a low, fixed monthly fee GLS Total Start Up Support™ provides access to “business enabling” world class legal support, rapid risk assessment and mitigation support.  

GLS Total Start Up Support ™ is available 24/7/365 – your legal support is there for you, so you are not the only one working late nights and weekends on your dream.  

Problem Solved! 

*Note: this solution won "Best SME Legal Support Solution 2020" at the APAC Insider 2020 Legal Awards

Solution Deliverables


Legal Docs in Your Library

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

Deliverables Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Your Legal Director 30min per month 1hr per month 2hrs per month 3hrs per month
GLS Law Library (Unlimited Access) Bronze Library Silver Library Gold Library Platinum Library
Legal Team Overflow Support N/A 2hrs per month 4hrs per month 8hrs per month
GLS Helpline
GLS Law Firm Preferential Rates*
Price for an Entire Month of Support: US$99 US$299 US$799 US$1,499
*GLS Law Firm T&Cs apply

*COST (excl GST)