In House Library (Gold)™

US$3,499 - A world class legal template library

The Problem

You need a world-class legal template library …

Related challenges include: 

you never have the free time to properly create the templates you need
you have some templates but they are a mess from various deals and online sources
your templates are from various authors of disparate quality
your templates lack a consistent legal risk profile
your team struggles to know what templates they should use in any given situation
your templates are difficult to automate
external counsel are too expensive to instruct just to produce templates

What if you could get your own fully automated, world-class templates for minimum cost and at maximum speed?

The GLS Solution

Gold Level: Perfect for large but legal team that needs world-class and efficient contracting infrastructure to support multiple business units and geographies.

In-House Library (Gold)™ are automated, world-class legal document templates to cover the most common contracting scenarios faced by businesses.

In-House Library (Gold)™ is a library of business enabling templates that drive faster deal closure times

In-House Library (Gold)™ is a library of business enabling templates that enable reliable contract administration.

In-House Library (Gold)™ represent a consistent application of “best practice” group legal policy principles.

In-House Library (Gold)™ has zero implementation time and is infinitely scalable.

In-House Library (Gold)™ templates are regularly maintained for you by reference to best practice, brevity and current market practice etc

For a low, fixed monthly fee In-House Library (Silver)™ provides access to “business enabling” world class legal support, rapid risk assessment and mitigation support.

In-House Library (Gold)™ is available 24/7/365 –your legal support is there for you, so you are not the only one working late nights and weekends on your dream.

Problem Solved!

GLS – Law Rewritten

Solution Deliverables


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Pricing Comparison

For $899 at GLS you get ongoing access to an unlimited and comprehensive suite of automated, world class legal documents. At a traditional firm you would just get 1.05hr of time…

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 $299 pm 1.05hr