GLS Legal Dept Efficiency Audit™

How efficient is your legal team?

The Problem

The demands on your legal department exceed its resources. 

Related challenges include: 

  • much more is expected with much less
  • justifying your teams' value to the business 
  • you are/or will soon be subjected to KPIs 
  • business transformation programs increasingly include legal 
  • greater scrutiny is being placed on how the external budget is spent
  • constant busyness makes it hard to undertake efficiency initiatives
  • as team pressure increases, so too does team member churn 
  • old style legal department management is no longer as effective
  • law firms don't want you becoming more self sufficient 

Failing to explore efficiency improvements yourself is a great reason for the CFO to find someone to do it. 

The GLS Solution

GLS Legal Department Efficiency Audit™ helps you maximise the productivity yield of your existing legal team resources.  

By auditing potential inefficiency scenarios in light of benchmark data, we are able to identify practical productivity optimisation strategies.  

Our optimisation solutions are intentionally pragmatic and backed by performance data that speak to productivity strategies that actually work. 

Phased implementation, light touch “pinch point” and “minimum in/maximum out” spot recommendations are preferred to increase adoption rates.

There are no ‘negative’ findings – just blueprint recommendations for you and your to team to achieve better, more, faster and cheaper. 

GLS Legal Department Efficiency Audit™ allows you to face the future on your own terms and increase the strategic relevance of your team. 

Problem solved. 

Solution Deliverables

Solution SLA options and US$ pricing

DELIVERABLES Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Group Legal Policy Audit
Overall Efficiency Recommendation
(Covering each audit area)
Compliance Policy Audit
Personal Competency Audit
Team Member Tasking Audit
Team Member Insight Audit
Essential Department Resource Audit
Department Training Audit
Internal User Satisfaction Audit
Organisation Design Audit
Outside Counsel Engagement Efficiency Audit
Legal Budget Performance
Legal Technology Assessment
Departmental KPI Audit
Department Strategic Enablement Recommendations Report
2 Day Findings / Solution Working Session
Prioritised & Priced Implementation Plan
$9,900 $29,900 $39,000 $69,000

*COST (excl GST)