New Co. Library™

US$99 - The docs most needed by a brand new company

The Problem

You are a brand new company and you need some documents to start doing "business" … 

Related challenges include:   

  • you have some legal doc templates but they are a mess from various deals and online sources
  • your legal docs dont look consistent and are of disparate quality
  • you have only just started, so don't have much free cash to spend on lawyers
  • your IP, great ideas and innovations may not be protected 
  • you tend to get bullied by larger corporations when contracting 
  • you want your corporate governance to be done right from day 1

What if you could get your own fully automated, world-class templates for minimum cost and at maximum speed?

The GLS Solution

This library provides you with automated, world-class legal documents needed by most "New Cos".

This library is comprised of business enabling templates that drive:

  • better, faster, cheaper and safer deal closures; and
  • reliable contract administration.

This library is regularly maintained for you by reference to best practice, brevity and current market practice etc

The templates in this library deliver a consistent approach to legal and tempalte library “best practices”.

This library has zero implementation time and is infinitely scalable.

For a low, fixed monthly fee the New Co Library™ provides access to “business enabling” world class legal support, rapid risk assessment and mitigation support.

All documents are available 24/7365 – so you are not the only one working late nights and weekends.

Problem Solved!

GLS – Law Rewritten

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