Share Subscription Agreement (basic)


The Problem

You need a Share Subscription Agreement!  

Related challenges include: 

  • you know a quality document is crucial to a succesful corporate venture
  • precedents are available online, but they are of dubious quality and aren’t tailored to your needs 
  • you have limited budget for external support  
  • it is the first time you have done this type of deal 

Cancel those plans as another unnecessary night of cobbling something together lies ahead. Hopefully it will do… 

The GLS Solution

This agreement documents an investor's investment into target business.  

One of the key events in a company's life cycle is when it gets new investors. As such, having an agreement that clearly sets out the terms of that investment is essential. 

Like any commercial arrangement, ensuring that all parties clearly understand their respective rights and obligations is key to a successful and productive relationship. 

Our automated share subscription agreement is designed by world-class lawyers to be comprehensive, easy to understand and easy to use.  

This GLS solution is more than just a template. It includes access to your own in-house legal support resource so you can raise any legal queries you might have. 

See our “Solution Sample” for a detailed sample of what is delivered and for user guidance! 

Better, faster, safer, cheaper!

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Solution Deliverables

Pricing Comparison

For $299 at GLS you get the complete Document Solution needed by your business + answers to all of your questions. At a traditional firm you would just get 26min of time…

Big Law Review US$ Rate GLS Cost Minutes acquired
Partner $850 p/h $299 26min